Tentative Topics for CDI 2016

  •  The Board’s Critical Role in the Oversight of Business Strategy
  • Unique Issues for Board’s in Healthcare Organizations (for-Profit & non-Profit)
  • Recent Developments in the Boards Role Concerning Cyber Security Threats
  • The Board’s Role in Succession Planning for the CEO and Board Restructuring
  • How to Ensure Effective Transition into a Public Company Structure
  • The Continuing Impact of the New Accounting Standards & Regulations
  • The Board’s Role in Minimizing the Negative Impact of Social Media on a Company’s Reputation
  • Ensuring your Regional or Community Bank Board has the Right Mix of Skills & Experience to Meet its Obligations
  • How can the Board Achieve Effective Engagement with Activist Shareholders
  • The Board’s role in Ensuring Effective Compliance and Risk Monitoring

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